Wowza ClearCaster Hardware and Software Design

Wowza ClearCaster Hardware Bezel Design

The look of the actual appliance needed to be unique and eye-catching. I went through several iterations, starting with a basic black box approach, to eventually going with the corporate orange color.

Airflow needed to be addressed as well, so I had to make sure not to design something that would block the air and heat up the device.

Branding was another consideration. We wanted to make sure that the box was obviously a Wowza product and added the Wowza logo on the front bezel, as well as the Wowza "W" logo bug on the top of the appliance. We also had to add the Facebook Live logo on the bezel since the original release was created in tandem with Facebook.

The final design received a design patent with my name as the inventor.

LCD UX Design

The small LCD screen on the Wowza ClearCaster video encoder appliance was able to perform many of the encoder's functions by navigating a simple text menu system that I designed. Everything needed to be accessible through the use of four navigation buttons, an OK button, and a CANCEL button.

View a working prototype of the LCD user experience...

Wowza ClearCaster Admin Manager

Besides having the LCD on the box to configure and manage a ClearCaster, most customers prefer to use the remote web based admin manager.

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